Jessa Rhodes Stars in “Sister Swapping”

Jessa Rhodes Stars in "Sister Swapping"Also: She Rubs the Right Way in ‘Sensation Therapy’

Jessa Rhodes helps make the cover for Skow for Girlfriends’ new A Gonzo Story 5: Sister Swapping super sexy and that’s just the beginning.

She shares the cover with Alex Grey and in this movie they are beautiful sisters who secretly shack up with each other’s husbands.

It’s not just about sex – they have always been competitive with each other and had some serious jealousy issues and what better way to work those out than by banging your sister’s man?

“I loved the scenario for this movie and we had a really fun time,” Jessa Rhodes said. “I loved banging Alex Grey’s husband!”

Director B. Skow has also posted a juicy, 14-minute interview with Jessa on the company website. You can watch it by clicking here.

Jessa Rhodes has a new scene with Aspen Rae on All Girl Massage that has Jessa giving her client a new and very special service called sensation therapy. This new system has Aspen blindfolded to heighten her senses as Jessa massages her slowly with a feather.

While the pain may be in Aspen’s back, Jessa knows that every part of the body is connected and shows her that not only can she help her by licking her pussy, but that Aspen returning the favor reaps benefits as well. It’s a cutting edge treatment from a true professional body worker.

Watch now “Sensation Therapy: Part One” with Jessa Rhodes and Aspen Rae:

Jessa Rhodes Stars in 'Sister Swapping'

The trailer for A Gonzo Story 5: Sister Swapping, which also includes Karlee Grey, Alex Grey and Katrina Jade, can be viewed below:


A Gonzo Story 5: Sister Swapping Synopsis:

Jessa Rhodes and Alex Grey are sister who have been jealous of each other their whole lives. Jessa has always wanted to be a model and travel the world and Alex has always wanted a handsome husband and a big house. They both ended up living each others dream which made for a very interesting weekend when Alex came to visit Jessa and her husband Danny with her new Russian boyfriend Markus. After a couple of nights of secret blow jobs on the toilet , peeping, almost getting caught, and sister swapping the two couple’s parted ways happier than ever.

Katrina Jade and Karlee Grey are sisters and best friends. They grew up with a mother who was hardly around, and because of that, they learned to care for each other. Katrina and her husband Seth have been married since high school, after a very strange incident had brought them together, and Katrina has never slept with another man since they met. Karlee on the other hand is on her fifth marriage to a professional poker player with a huge black dick. Karlee has a feeling her sister is sad and possibly unhappy in her marriage so she and her new husband Jon Jon take a gamble to cheer her up. In the end Karlee knew a big cock and some confidence was all her sister needed.